Wuppertal is a small isolated village located in the Cederberg mountains. Founded in 1830 by Theobald von Wurmb and Johann Gottlieb Leipoldt, grandfather of the famous C. Louis Leipoldt, it gained some historical importance over the years.

The village facilities include the Moravian Church, a shop, a tea room, a post office, a school with two hostels and a community hall.

Wuppertal also became known for its shoe factory which produced quality hand-made shoes for many years.

Sadly the village was  devastated by fire on December 31st 2018. The fire destroyed a majority of the buildings in the town, burning down 53 homes, a community hall, clinic, a restaurant and the historic Moravian Mission Station, leaving only the town’s church and a few other buildings remaining. It also claimed one life and left 200 residents homeless.

We recently visited the village while in the Cederberg, and below are some images of what we found.








At the back the palm trees – green leaves intact and the trees seemingly in good shape despite their trunks scorched pitch black by the raging fire.




Fire damage to a toilet.



The church – one of only a few buildings that was not damaged by the fire.


We hope that the village will in due time be restored to its former glory!


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