Touring the Western Cape: Part 1 – Cape Town

(Photo : Dick)


The Western Cape of South Africa has been described as one of the most scenic places on earth, and with good reason – it is stunningly beautiful!

With this in mind a small group of us recently did a tour in this region with cameras in hand.

We kicked off in Cape Town, also known as the Mother City of South Africa.



So – sit back and enjoy the tour with us !


Starting in the city centre, our first port of call is the Company Gardens. The name comes from the fact that Cape Town started as a replenishment station for the ships belonging to the Dutch East-India Company, and the gardens were used for growing vegetables.


Entrance to the Company Gardens, a lovely public park in the city centre. (Photo: Jaunine)


Table Mountain as seen from the Company gardens. (Photo: Jacques)


Close to the entrance to the Company Gardens you will find the statue of Gen. J.C. Smuts, former Prime Minister. (Photo: Jacques)


Central Methodist Mission Church. (Photo: Dick)


Inside St. George’s Cathedral (Photo: Jacques)


Tuynhuis,. (Photo: Dick)


One of many flea markets operating on certain days in the city. This market is located in Green Market square. (Photo: Dick)


Enticing customers into a shoe shop located on Green Market square. (Photo: Dick)


The city centre looks quite festive during summer, here is one of the fountains that has been decorated in soccer theme during the World Soccer Cup from a number of years ago. (Photo:Jacques)


What looks like a building isn’t one at all. This is an artwork depicting S.A’s open society. (Photo: Dick)


A particularly interesting area in the city is known as the Bo-Kaap, which roughly translates into ‘Upper Cape’ and so called because it is one of the earliest residential areas in the city centre. It features row upon row of brightly painted houses and in recent years has become quite a tourist attraction.


A street in the ‘Bo-Kaap’. (Photo: Dick)


Looking towards the city centre from one of the streets in the Bo-Kaap. A bit of Table Mountain can be seen in the background. (Photo: Jaunine)


More bright colours. (Photo: Jacques)


Graffiti in the Bo-Kaap. (Photo: Dick)


Bo-Kaap. (Photo: Jaunine)


Bright colours. (Photo: Dick)


A beautiful mural artwork. (Photo: Jaunine)


Being a seaside city there is no shortage of restaurants – some even on the beach! (Photo: Jacques)


Off course there is much more to see and explore in and around Cape Town, and our next stop will be the sea and beach areas surrounding Cape Town.

Please stay tuned – there is much more to come your way !


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