Hitting the German autobahn

Speed doesn’t kill – stupid driving does.

Driving at 200 km/h and faster was not only legal, it felt completely liberating, safe, and relaxing.

Does that sound reckless and crazy?

It wasn’t – this was Germany, the place where people actually use their brains while driving.

The atrocious and mindless driving habits of motorists back home and in the country where we presently live has been a longstanding pet hate of ours. It therefore felt extremely liberating to drive in a country where the motorists know and understand the rules, apply them, and use common sense.

On the sections of autobahn where there was no speed limit we gave our quick little Audi rental free reign – and felt safe enough to do so. You have to admire the Germans, they use their brains while driving!

Moving on.

We were touring our way from France to München and was once again struck by the sheer beauty of the countryside.

One of the things that Jaunine wanted to see was the Black Forest, and she was not disappointed. The place was full of autumn colours and a sight for sore eyes 🙂

Red train in the Black Forest. (Nikon D750)


Schloss Sigmaringen in the town of Sigmaringen. (Nikon D750)


Our stop-over for a night was in the beautiful town of Lindau, which is located on the Bodensee (Lake Constance).

The red roofs of Lindau. (Fuji X-T2)


Another view of Lindau’s red roofs. (Fuji X-T2)


The following morning we drove to Friedrichshafen, the home of Zeppelin.

We just had visit the Zeppelin museum, and it was worth the effort!

A mock-up of the lounge area on the Hindenburg. (Fuji X-T2)


Models of various Zeppelins. (Fuji X-T2)


Some paraphernalia recovered from the Hindenburg wreck. (Fuji X-T2)


The museum area underneath the Hindenburg mock-up. (Fuji X-T2)


More Zeppelin models. (Fuji X-T2)


An unexpected sight at the museum was this gigantic V12 Maybach Zeppelin, which was produced in 1929-1939 and weighed approximately 3000kg!

Maybach Zeppelin. (Fuji X-T2)


Closer towards München we stopped at the famous Kloster Andechs, the exclusive property of the Benedictine monks of St Boniface of Munich and Andechs.

Here the monks brew beer on a large scale, and the property sports several beer gardens open to the public !

Kloster Andechs. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Not wanting to insult the monks, we had to try the beer 🙂 (Fuji X-T2)


We eventually arrived in Munich where we stayed over for some sightseeing.

The Isar river in Munich.


Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich on a cloudy day. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


One of many statues in the gardens of Nymphenburg. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Footpath at Nymphenburg. (Fuji X-T2)


We even saw a gondola at Nymphenburg! (Fuji X-T2)


Munich is of course also home to BMW.

The impressive architecture of BMW Welt. (Fuji X-T2)


Inside BMW Welt. Here you can see all current BMW models, and customers can also come collect their new vehicles here if so desired. (Fuji X-T2)


One of BMW’s better-looking cars. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


We really enjoyed our stay in München and found the city interesting in the sense that it almost has a small town atmosphere, you do not get any ‘big city’ feel. This is probably due to the lack of many high rise buildings, and an abundance of green spaces. It is also a city that is easy to get around in, and offers much to see and do.

We reluctantly came to the end of our France/Germany tour, but before leaving there was one more item on our itinerary :-

Oktoberfest 2017 !!!


Coming up soon 🙂



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