Fairytale Alsace

Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, and Cinderella.

Princes and princesses.  Fairytales.

These are the first thoughts that enter your mind when you set eyes on Alsace. 

You almost expect Hansel and Gretel to come rushing round a corner to welcome you to their little house built with colourful cookies and biscuits.

Situated in the east side of France, Alsace is very close to the German border. In fact, Alsace has changed hands between France and Germany on several occasions, something that had a strong influence on the character of this region.

The sheer beauty of Alsace with its rolling hills, dotted by tiny villages and castles, is something worth seeing. It really looks and feels like the place where fairytales were created.


We arrived in the small village of Kaysersberg on a sunny morning, a couple of days after our barging trip in the Loire region ended. Two days of exploration suddenly looked much to short!

One of many cobblestone streets. The fairytale character of the buildings are quite clear to see. (Fuji X-T2)


The view from our window, with the soothing sound of the water stream below. (Fuji X-T2)


The view downstream. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Jaunine at our window. (Fuji X-T2)


Kaysersberg. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


One of many bistros. (Fuji X-T2)


We even had a street musician! (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Kaysersberg from a distance. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


No French village is complete without a pâtisserie! (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


When the sun goes down the day visitors leave town, and a calm atmosphere settles over the village – an ideal time to explore more, or go for dinner at a nearby bistro.


Blue hour in Alsace. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Auberge. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Another brasserie. (Fuji X-T2)


Every fairytale has a castle, it is just a fact of life!

Alsace is no different, and we went to have a look at the magnificent Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg, a medieval castle not far away.

Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg. (Fuji X-T2)


Entrance to the castle. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Jaunine admiring the colourful windows inside. (Fuji X-T2)


Inside Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg. (Fuji X-T2)


One of the canons used for defence of the castle. (Fuji X-T2)


Jaunine inspected everything! (Fuji X-T2)


The view from the top of Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


As expected, our brief visit to Alsace was much too short. We really enjoyed our stay in this beautiful region of France.

One of many similar scenes in one of many villages. (Fuji X-T2)


It was a pity that we could not stay any longer,  but it was time for us to head over the border into Germany.

Coming up next!   🙂


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