Welcome to our adventure!

_DSF3369Please join us on our adventure and travel with us to new and strange places.

Our adventure begins as we head into the desert of the Middle-East!

We have no idea how long our adventure will last, but it will be filled with all sorts of interesting aspects.










Sometimes it will feel strangely familiar.


Sometimes the pace will be fast!



Sometimes the pace will be slow.


We will get exhausted!


Sometimes we will see intricate details

On other occasions we will see something exquisite


… or maybe something cute!


There will be days that we will feel up!


…. and there will be the days that we feel down


Life might even go sideways!


That is called life, and even though storm clouds might appear…


… we will continue to look for the blue in the skies …

… and whatever adds colour to life.


There will be places to go!


… and amazing things to see!


There will be celebrations!


… and more celebrations!


So, come join us on our journey !



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