Chocolate in the desert

_DSC3282You cannot live close to a desert and not make the effort of taking a closer look at it, and if you have a vehicle with off-road ability, then it becomes very tempting to go dune-riding!

And so it came to pass that we did just that very recently.



After we acquired a second-hand Jeep Grand Cherokee in very good condition Jaunine decided to take a course in desert driving, just in case “we unexpectedly find ourselves in the desert”.  Her concern for our safety did not fool me but I decided not to do the driving course myself, since I would rather be the photographer that documents the rare occasions when “we unexpectedly find ourselves in the desert”. Needless to say it did not take long before we had the opportunity to venture out into the desert. By now you are probably wondering about the chocolate we had in the desert – it may disappoint you to know that we didn’t, the “chocolate” stems from the fact that we started calling the Jeep by this name due to it’s colour being very close to the colour of dark chocolate.

Well, back to my story.

A group of us made our way to a secluded spot of desert about a 40 minutes drive out of Abu Dhabi, and we got there just as the sun rose above the dunes – a very lovely sight.


A quick drivers briefing while watching the sun rising over the dunes, and everybody getting ready for the dunes.


After final inspection and deflating of tyres the Desert Warriors were ready for some action!


We had to be quick to follow the leader as he scoured the area for suitable dunes to ride.


It did not take very long before we hit the dunes – sometimes going up ….


… and sometimes going down, dipping behind a dune!


Pieter giving the thumbs-up for the vehicle to plunge down the dune.

Meanwhile Jaunine was not far behind and started to put Chocolate through it’s paces.


Jaunine attacks the dune !

Charging downhill - see the grinning face!

Charging downhill – see the grinning face!


Here we go again!


Getting to level ground after descending the dune.

After a quick driver changing it was Conrad’s turn to practice his desert driving skills…


Needless to say things don’t always go as planned, and some got stuck at the top of the dune!


But help is at hand – if you come prepared for it, as you should!


After some very pleasant driving around we finally stopped to have coffee, and had time to look at camels in a nearby camp.


No desert outing is complete without snapping a selfie with camels!

After inflating the tyres again we headed off to a nearby camel race-track and a camel souk – a marketplace that sells camel accessories.


The poor shop owner found his shop invaded by people that checked out everything, even getting onto the shelves to inspect the goods.

Even the lads could not leave things untouched and discovered a new use for the colourful camel mouth-pieces!


Not exactly intended to be a hat, but if it fits ….

At the nearby camel race track we encountered a lot of racing camels being led around for exercise.



We had a lot of fun out in the desert, but since all good things eventually come to an end,

we also had to reluctantly turn around and head back home.


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