Pigtorial quest for Gayous Pretorius

With much enthusiasm and anticipation we dragged our battle-tired bones and Cape-tinged palates on a weekend away with Niggie and Ian bright and early on Saturday morning. And with Apple leaving for a few weeks abroad to visit the Irish contingent of the Apple&Eve clan to welcome the latest baby-apple (welcome Alexander Jacques!) to our world, it was with ambivalent joy versus sorrow that I embarked on the weekend away. The final kick-back weekend destination… The small village of Greyton! First stop… Hemel & Aarde Valley just above Hermanus. And not did I ever anticipate the shock that awaited us. Or at least one of us! So seeing this cute shot of mine of a blooming, mud-endowed snotbox, you probably think piggy got the brunt of this all, right? Nope, the pig was not the deserving recipient of this unexpected shock at all. I am sure she had similar ones of her own before. But let me start from the beginning…

Continuing this twirly whirly piglet tale…Hemel & Aarde translates to Heaven & Earth Valley. This valley surely does produce palate quenchers from the heavens only produced in the most perfect of regions! Most impressive of which being their Pinot Noir. It is unfortunately also a valley with some wine estates thinking we will fall for buying our way into the promised abyss. Sorry HR and BF (you in the know-how will know who I am referring to J). But we passed these perception-priced palaces, venturing on to the diamonds in the valley beneath.

First drop of angel dust to (eventually!) wet our lips was at the wine farm, La Vierge, appropriately the French for The Virgin. What a splendid view, interesting interior decorating (don’t you think?) and an inkling of what we were in for the day on the vinicultural experience.

And here, a wine described in epic poetry, named oh so carefully, we stumbled upon our now friend, Gay Pretorius! The poor bugger immediately got re-baptised to a perfect Afrikaans accented twin. Only problem though is that our now African brother was actually named after a satirical fiction of Gaius Petronius, called The Satyricon. To quote from the wine-tasting notes: “in the early days of the Roman Empire, tells a story of lust, love and temptation through a man’s deliberate journey to attain knowledge and wisdom, even at the expense of one’s cherished innocence”. Do you understand why we immediately recognised a long-lost member of the clan!? Anyway, not to be perturbed by this slight slip of the tongue, we promptly ordered a few bottles for enjoyment in the dry months to come at home.

Some more acquisitions in the to-go-boxes later, together with appropriate chilling out brought upon by Bacchus, we ventured on. A stop for a yummy lunch at a buzzing Creation Wines. More wine tasting and bellies rapidly expanding with a well-prepared lunch, we ventured on… Which brings us to our pink friends. Or at least some of them were pink (I think ! <insert comic-strip-like eyes whirling down drain round about here>) 

Three pig saws with what seem like a gazillion were running around in a pen welcomed us to the next farm, Ataraxia. I still wonder if a gazillion is more than a brazillion. But I digress. A chapel for the gods welcomed us to Ataraxia!

Where we shall go…

Can you believe though that this is no commonplace of worship though? Yup, the belly of this beast is but a wine-tasting venue. Nice one though!

A wine-tasting locale?

A wine-tasting locale?

Leaving with even a more harmonious song in your heart, convinced that this is the best we ever could hope to afford, we ran into them piggies again. And that is where it happened! I have my wide angle lens on… I know I need to get up close to let the lens do its designated job… I leaned in… Closer… Closer… Snap! (<see blog main image for the prize winner shot!>) And then, a fraction of a second after snap… Shock!!! The most innocent two red wires that kept pig-ville in a demarcated area are electrified! Yipes!!! Niggie managed to get this shot on my re-approach from three or four meters aback from where I actually started the whole exercise. Here piggy, piggy, piggy… 

Images like these completed the unreal post-indulgement drive out to Greyton.

But alas, over the rest of the weekend, including the public holiday called “Heritage Day”, there was pizza…


And harmony to be found!

Bon voyage Jacques. Miss you already!

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