Commercial Photography for a rainy day

Rain and inclement weather can really spoil your fun if you are a keen photographer, but it does not have to be this way …

The winter this year has been a pretty severe one in the Fairest Cape – cold, wet, and stormy. I cannot remember when last we had a winter like this one – at least about ten years ago. Weather like this makes me feel sorry for landscape and nature photographers, not because they cannot practice their craft – they can, but they will have to endure some pretty unpleasant weather doing so!

All is not lost however and if you apply your mind then there is still a lot of photography that can be practiced indoors – commercial photography being one of them. Even if you are not into commercial photography you can still do something similar to keep you occupied on a rainy day.

It was just such weather when I photographed a number of images. Armed with a pot of fresh coffee, some music in the background, my trusty camera, and the novelty of our renovated (but still not 100% completed) studio, I came up with these shots:

A landscape variation of the theme in the first image.

A close-up shot of the wine surrounded by Granny Smith apples, the flavour of which is reflected in the wine.

This image shows more of the bottle and has a glass with some of the wine in it added.

A standard packshot.

Another variation of the first wine, this time applying a slightly different festive mood to the image.


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