Chaos, dirt, dust & wine tasting

You may wonder where’s the chaos, dirt, and dust in wine tasting – but trust me, there is a connection if you’ll let me explain… Anyone who has read my previous post will know that we are in the midst of renovating our studio, and if you have been involved in any kind of home renovations then you will know that it is a very messy business indeed. It is disruptive, noisy, dusty, and downright ugly. The fact that one has to pay for all of this on top of the mess is like adding insult to injury.

Now I suppose that somewhere along the line this will all come to an end and we will be oohing and aahing in delight, but until then it is a torturous journey. Fortunately progress is good and the really noisy and dust-creating part of the project is almost complete.

You thought I exaggerated ? This is in the middle of our house !

So what does one do to cope with all this disruption of civilised life? You do what any self-respecting individual in the Fairest Cape would do – you go wine tasting! After all, enjoying a nice glass of wine with good friends or a special partner is the pinnacle of civilisation – that’s what my late father in law firmly believed, and he was a very wise man!

On our way to the first wine estate for a bubbly tasting we came across this scene – I just had to stop to take a picture – a complete change of scenery – and it was even quiet too 🙂

Just as we thought we successfully escaped the dust we noticed these dust covered bottles of wine that artfully decorated the tasting room at Beyerskloof. Well, that did not bother us at all, the wine tasting was that good!

When you go wine tasting in the company of Jaunine you can rest assured that you will be having fun, she is a very enthusiastic wine lover 🙂

Well there you have it. Enjoying some good wine is an excellent antidote to the chaos and mess of home renovations. So if you are planning on doing some renovations then make sure you allow yourself the time to go wine tasting.

Not planning any renovations?   Just go taste some wine anyway !


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