Photographing Children

dsc_6860Taking photographs of children, regardless of their age, can be a daunting task even for the most experienced photographer!… 

In my previous blog post on studio portraiture I mentioned how important it is to have your subject at ease in order to get good pictures – the same holds true when photographing kids, but it can be quite challenging !



Babies relate very well to other children and it helps to use older children to assist in a photo shoot – they enjoy it to !


Children might by nature be less intimidated by a camera pointing at them but they are also more prone to impulsive behavior and sudden loss of interest. Of course age plays a deciding role in how they behave, what can reasonably expected from them, and how they respond to being photographed.



Most children love water !


Grab the shot while they enjoy playing in water











Older children are easier to direct and understand better what is expected from them, all of which makes it somewhat easier to photograph them. However, regardless of age it is sometimes best to photograph children while they are involved with natural and undirected behavior – such as while they are at play.


Older children photograph well while they are in company of their friends.


Ideally it is best taking pictures of children while they are not aware of it, or are being distracted.


Water – even babies love it !


Physical play makes for nice action shots.











Don’t forget to involve the parents where possible – they like it too !


Babies are usually very co-operative after being fed and a nice bath.


Children are very curious, they like to inspect everything and presents an ideal opportunity to photograph them 🙂


We’re still in the water – ready for more pictures !


A brick narrowly misses his foot when Adriaan discovered bricks are heavy !




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