Colour is not always King !


Food looks best in bright colour !

Although we use colour extensively in modern day photography it is by no means always the best choice …

Admittedly ┬ácolour plays an important role in photography and in some cases is crucial to success. Imagine a photograph of food – it just has to be in brilliant colour if we want to make food look appetizing – monochrome will simply not work.

However, there is a certain charm to monochrome pictures that has withstood the test of time. Monochrome (whether it is black and white, or some other monochromatic derrivative) is very good at adding feeling to a picture and can be very dramatic.

What follows are some examples (some taken by Jaunine, and some by myself) that I feel illustrate the point.


Taken by Jaunine at sunset with the setting sun backlighting the scene on a dusty farm road

Portraits are often shot in B&W, even now in modern times. Combined with contrasting light and shadows adds tension to picture.


Kevin – our good friend and photographic mentor. He just looks better in B&W !


Statuette of a black cat – it just wouldn’t be the same in colour !

Nude photography, or bodyscapes, very often lends itself to black and white photography because it adds mystique to a shot which is hard to obtain with full colour. Fortunately with digital photography it is a choice that can be exercised after a shot has been taken.


Shot in colour by Jaunine, but then turned to B&W to add mood.


The purplish monochrome makes this look even more bone-chilling and bizarre. Taken in the Alien Bar near Gruyere, Switzerland


Black and white adds drama to a moment in time – can you hear the music ?


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