Cars, Beautiful Italian cars !

I love cars, specifically Italian cars.

In fact, I love most things Italian – the country, people, food, wine, their passion for life …

Jaunine and I had the opportunity several years ago to tour Italy and visit just about all the famous car factories, design studios, and museums – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Pininfarina, Zagato, and then some more. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the legendary Alfa Romeo Giulietta which was to be celebrated in Milan, and attended by hundreds of enthusiastic Alfisti (Alfa Romeo fans) from all over the world.

First glimpse of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione prototype. Only in Italy will they bring a whole city to a standstill to exhibit a new car in the Piazza Duomo, in the middle of Milan, with a full symphonic orchestra playing classical music in the background ! To reach this exhibition we first had to navigate through a traffic jam of historical proportions, caused by the convoy of several hundred enthusiastic Alfisti of which we were a part, driving in a sparkling new Alfa on loan from Alfa Romeo !

The tour group that we joined also had more in store – and for ten glorious days we visited all the aforementioned factories, design houses, and museums, and got to see and experience so much of what is normally not open to the public – what a feast !


Wall-mounted Lamborghini in the museum adjacent to the Lamborghini factory in SantAgata.


The high-tech Lamborghini museum where you can look into the workings of the factory through huge windows lining one side of the museum.

Although the main part of the tour was centered around the Alfa Romeo celebrations, we did spend quite a bit of time visiting the other famous marques.


Prototype Ferrari – in red of course !


The Maserati museum and factory, where we had brilliant and very enthusiastic guide showing us through the museum and factory.

Care to exhibit part of a car in your living-room? Why not, it certainly looks good here in the Zagato Design and Styling centre near Milan where we also got to meet and talk to Andreas Zagato, the current CEO of this well-known design house famous for having designed many a Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.


A yellow Ferrari – seen here at Pininfarina, one of the most famous car design and styling houses in the world.

If you ever get the opportunity of visiting any of the famous car museums or factories in Italy, then do so – it is really something to experience.

Many things in life demonstrate the Italian’s passion and their sheer love for life – and cars feature high on this list. To them it’s not just a mode of transport, it is art !


Pre-dawn shot of Jaunine’s Alfa – taken by herself.


We share much of this passion for life and have owned and driven our share of Italian cars !






Beautiful shot taken by Jaunine of “The Grey Lady”, her beloved Alfa – taken before sunrise parked next to an open road.

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