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Barging and wine tasting in France

France is probably still reeling from the onslaught of 24 enthusiastic South Africans who literally barged in for a week of wine tasting  in the upper Loire valley. Not convinced? Well consider this – take a bunch of wine lovers on a week long barging trip on four barges, in a beautiful region of France, and add a brilliant French wine-tour guide that knows her stuff and have all the right connections, and you have the recipe for terrific fun!

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Lunchtime in the Fairest Cape

_DSC6315Maybe it’s the mediterranean climate, maybe it’s the wine, but lunchtime in the Fairest Cape is like nowhere else – here it’s not an event, it is a way of life 🙂

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Life in a Yellow Submarine

Yellow SubmarineIf given the opportunity to spend a couple of days in a submarine, would you do it? We recently had the chance of doing just that – and we loved it! I mean, how can you say “no” to spending some time in a yellow submarine ? 

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Heading for year-end

_DSC0777In this part of the world the month of October usually marks the start of the rush towards year-end, and this year it’s no different.

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Winter in Cape Town

_DSC1649 With Cape Town located in the Western Cape, and having a mediteranean climate (meaning winter being the rainy season) it is easy to assume that winter is very gloomy, cold, and miserable. Being called the “Cape of storms” does not do Cape Town’s reputation much good either, and firmly puts Cape Town on the “to be avoided in winter”  list in most ill-informed people’s minds.

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Commercial Photography for a rainy day

Rain and inclement weather can really spoil your fun if you are a keen photographer, but it does not have to be this way …

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