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Visiting Muscat, Oman


If I can use just one word to describe Muscat, capital of Oman,  then “pristine” is that word.

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Seven days of Delicious Mauritius


Everyone at some point dreams of being on an idyllic island, lazing about, and swimming in the warm ocean. We are no different and recently had the opportunity of doing just that!

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The Baptism of Captain Friendly

His real name is Alex (Alexander Jacques Conradie to be exact) and he is the newest addition to the Conradie family of Cork, Ireland.

Meeting him is the best way to find out why I started calling my youngest grandson Captain Friendly – he is the friendliest chap in the whole of Ireland and real easy to make friends with, as I found out recently when whizzing over to Ireland to attend his baptism…

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Oktoberfest 2012 in Münich !

Have you ever witnessed the enthusiastic consumption of an astonishing 7 million litres of beer? Well neither have I and never thought I would… until a couple of days ago!…

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Weekend Breakaway

dsc9225Every now and then we like to visit one of our favourite spots in  South Africa – Wilderness. Located on the south-east coast, it ranks as one of the most relaxing places to be at as far as we are concerned …

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The Magic of Blue Hour

dsc_4768Ever heard of “Blue Hour”?

One often hear about “Golden Hour” in photography circles, which refers to the first hour just after sunrise and also the last hour just before sunset.

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Cars, Beautiful Italian cars !

I love cars, specifically Italian cars.

In fact, I love most things Italian – the country, people, food, wine, their passion for life …

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Eve gets to tell about 2011 States / Europe trip

Apple has had some time to add a blog entry of his Chicago architecture shots. As per usual, I have been busy with lots of things, including a couple of Apple&Eve assignments. So, my turn to add my say and some shots of our latest States and Europe trip…

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Fabulous Chicago Architecture

We had the opportunity of visiting Chicago a while ago. Time was limited to less than a full day but we tried to make the best of it by doing a short architectural tour of the city by boat.
What an experience !

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