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Using the AF-ON focussing technique with the Nikon D800


_DSC2487Unlike our usual blog posts about our photographic escapades in general, this one is a more technical one aimed at Nikon D800 shooters in particular, but also at users of other Nikon DSLR’s in general.

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Megapixels: Does size count ?

Don’t you just hate the way that marketers zoom into some (mostly) minor aspect of a product and start waving it in front of your nose as if this is the alpha and omega of what should determine your choice of product? One such thing is the megapixel count that a camera offers.

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Using light in photography


Many photographers will be quick to point out that photography is all about light, it is after all the process of capturing light. This is true to some extent but there are far more subtle issues at stake than just “capturing light”…

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Focus on focus

In photography one of the by-products of focussing on a subject is that even though one part of an image may be sharp and in focus, another may be completely blurred. Although this may sound as something negative it is actually a highly desirable characteristic… 

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Photographing Children

dsc_6860Taking photographs of children, regardless of their age, can be a daunting task even for the most experienced photographer!… 

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The Challenge of Studio Portraiture

img_6252One can be forgiven for thinking that the most challenging aspect of studio photography, and portraiture in particular, is the lighting and technical setup being employed. However that is not the case at all. There is a subtle but far more difficult side to it… 

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The Magic of Blue Hour

dsc_4768Ever heard of “Blue Hour”?

One often hear about “Golden Hour” in photography circles, which refers to the first hour just after sunrise and also the last hour just before sunset.

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Out and about… Without a model


What happens if you put four photographers in a car, and let them follow their nose? We make it up as we go! 

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Photographing glass looks so easy !

mdk-igugu-2009One type of photography that we do regularly is called packshots, which are photographs of  commercial products used for marketing, advertising, or brochures.  Very often this  entails taking shots of glass items and this is where it gets very tricky !

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Colour is not always King !


Food looks best in bright colour !

Although we use colour extensively in modern day photography it is by no means always the best choice …

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