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Blades of Toledo

Mention ‘Toledo’ and those that have an interest in old weaponry will immediately think of swords. Toledo has long been regarded as the birthplace of finely crafted swords, daggers, and knives.

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When Brilliant is not Best

_DSC2636Most photographers that are serious about their hobby/profession strive to use the best possible equipment, and we are are no different. However, apart from the high cost of such equipment there are times when brilliant equipment are simply just not the best.

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Motherhood and pregnancy

_DSC4110-01Most will agree that parenthood, and motherhood in particular, is not easy. Apart from the tremendous responsibilities that it brings about it also takes it toll on a more personal level from both father and mother – parenthood is truly a life-changing event.

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Bird Watching

_DSC9145We are not really into bird watching or bird photography at all, but from time to time we do get the opportunity to take some photographs of birds.

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Black and White

dsc9021Black and white images have always fascinated me and in this I am not alone, a quick search on the web will show just how popular monochrome images are.

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The Magic of Blue Hour

dsc_4768Ever heard of “Blue Hour”?

One often hear about “Golden Hour” in photography circles, which refers to the first hour just after sunrise and also the last hour just before sunset.

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Cars, Beautiful Italian cars !

I love cars, specifically Italian cars.

In fact, I love most things Italian – the country, people, food, wine, their passion for life …

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Everybody loves a Wedding !





I think it is fair to say that weddings rank as one of the most joyous occasions that anybody can attend, and is usually accompanied by much excitement and anticipation. There is of course good reason for this …   

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Out and about… Without a model


What happens if you put four photographers in a car, and let them follow their nose? We make it up as we go! 

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Photographing glass looks so easy !

mdk-igugu-2009One type of photography that we do regularly is called packshots, which are photographs of  commercial products used for marketing, advertising, or brochures.  Very often this  entails taking shots of glass items and this is where it gets very tricky !

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