See the world in black and white

There is something to be said about black and white images.  I was reminded of this when looking through some of my images recently, and was once again surprised to see how some images appear to come to life when viewed in black and white, or monochrome.

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Swan Lake

DSC_0660Cape Town City Ballet is celebrating 80 years of ballet this year, and what better way to start the celebratory year than staging Swan Lake, one of the greatest and best-known ballets of all time.

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The Tin Soldier – a world premiére

Tin Soldier-1I once again had the privilege of shooting images of the wonderful dancers of CTCB – Cape Town City Ballet. The occasion this time was the world premiére of The Tin Soldier. 

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A Hectic September

We have all experienced the situation where very little is happening, and then suddenly – everything seems to happen at once.  September, and the start of Spring, was just such a month…

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Apple and Eve at the ballet: Part 3 – Belles of the Ballet

_DSC9542National Women’s Day was recently celebrated in Cape Town by Cape Town City Ballet performing Belles of the Ballet, a selection of delightful extracts from popular ballets. It was a celebration of Women in Love and a sight to behold !

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Apple and Eve at the ballet: Part 2 – The Sleeping Beauty


_DSC0139Sleeping Beauty is a true classical ballet performed to the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky and tells the story of Princess Aurora, first child of King Florestan the XXIVth and his Queen.

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Another tippy toe edition

Graceful, from the feet up...

Graceful, from the feet up…

What to do when you feel the absence of excitement when capturing images? Join hubby at ballet practice!

The pink shoes, the long, well-shaped legs, the graceful flow of movement, the facial expressions not showing the strain these bodies endure… Just perfect for jolting one back into expressing passion! And it is also the perfect opportunity to shoot from my favourite perspective…

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Apple and Eve at the ballet: Part 1 – Behind the scenes

_DSC6715Ballet lovers subconsciously know that much time and effort must be required to stage a professional ballet performance, but we recently had a glimpse of just how much it takes to put together a production of such a magnificent art form.

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