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Winter in Cape Town

_DSC1649 With Cape Town located in the Western Cape, and having a mediteranean climate (meaning winter being the rainy season) it is easy to assume that winter is very gloomy, cold, and miserable. Being called the “Cape of storms” does not do Cape Town’s reputation much good either, and firmly puts Cape Town on the “to be avoided in winter”  list in most ill-informed people’s minds.

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Crayfishing in the Western Cape

_DSF3150Crayfish is an extremely popular delicacy amongst seafood lovers the world over and we are very fortunate to live in the Western Cape, an area that is well-known for it’s excellent crayfish amongst other things. 

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Bird Watching

_DSC9145We are not really into bird watching or bird photography at all, but from time to time we do get the opportunity to take some photographs of birds.

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Lazy Days

Every year from about middle December to the second week of January South Africa comes to a stand-still – well almost. That is the the time that most people are taking their annual holiday and productivity hits rock-bottom. The past December was no different either…

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Pigtorial quest for Gayous Pretorius

With much enthusiasm and anticipation we dragged our battle-tired bones and Cape-tinged palates on a weekend away with Niggie and Ian bright and early on Saturday morning. And with Apple leaving for a few weeks abroad to visit the Irish contingent of the Apple&Eve clan to welcome the latest baby-apple (welcome Alexander Jacques!) to our world, it was with ambivalent joy versus sorrow that I embarked on the weekend away. The final kick-back weekend destination… The small village of Greyton! First stop… Hemel & Aarde Valley just above Hermanus. And not did I ever anticipate the shock that awaited us. Or at least one of us! So seeing this cute shot of mine of a blooming, mud-endowed snotbox, you probably think piggy got the brunt of this all, right? Nope, the pig was not the deserving recipient of this unexpected shock at all. I am sure she had similar ones of her own before. But let me start from the beginning…

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Commercial Photography for a rainy day

Rain and inclement weather can really spoil your fun if you are a keen photographer, but it does not have to be this way …

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Chaos, dirt, dust & wine tasting

You may wonder where’s the chaos, dirt, and dust in wine tasting – but trust me, there is a connection if you’ll let me explain… 

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Fynbos in the mist

Even on a cold and misty day Cape Town still remains a beautiful place to be. The past Sunday was just such a day when we decided to go for a drive …

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Black and White

dsc9021Black and white images have always fascinated me and in this I am not alone, a quick search on the web will show just how popular monochrome images are.

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A Delightful Party mess

I think it’s fair to say that kids like to make a mess, in fact they revel in such activities. The parents are usually less enthusiastic and impressed by this and normally tries to put a stop to it. However when it comes to birthday parties the rules might change… 

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