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Chocolate in the desert

_DSC3282You cannot live close to a desert and not make the effort of taking a closer look at it, and if you have a vehicle with off-road ability, then it becomes very tempting to go dune-riding!

And so it came to pass that we did just that very recently.



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The month of May

Show BoatMay in the Western Cape is quite special to us. While some bemoan the onset of winter, we celebrate it, and the month of May is truly nothing short of magnificent in the Fairest Cape ! 

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Flowers for Eve

Pink Rose-1So there I was, sitting on our front porch this morning, sipping coffee and pondering the day ahead. I noticed the early sunlight reflected from a wall onto some small roses that were covered in dew drops and I thought – “Ah, flowers for Eve!”.

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Lunchtime in the Fairest Cape

_DSC6315Maybe it’s the mediterranean climate, maybe it’s the wine, but lunchtime in the Fairest Cape is like nowhere else – here it’s not an event, it is a way of life ­čÖé

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Flying with the birds

ParaglidingIs it a bird?

Is it a plane?

No, it’s Apple and Eve !

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Remember the Classics ?

_DSC5049-01-cropYou don’t need to be a car enthusiast to enjoy the view of beautiful and lovingly cared-for classic cars, and if that coincides with magnificent early-summer weather, then so much the better!┬á

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Heading for year-end

_DSC0777In this part of the world the month of October usually marks the start of the rush towards year-end, and this year it’s no different.

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A Hectic September

We have all experienced the situation where very little is happening, and then suddenly – everything seems to happen at once. ┬áSeptember, and the start of Spring, was just such a month…

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When Brilliant is not Best

_DSC2636Most photographers that are serious about their hobby/profession strive to use the best possible equipment, and we are are no different. However, apart from the high cost of such equipment there are times when brilliant equipment are simply just not the best.

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Winter in Cape Town

_DSC1649 With Cape Town located in the Western Cape, and having a mediteranean climate (meaning winter being the rainy season) it is easy to assume that winter is very gloomy, cold, and miserable. Being called the “Cape of storms” does not do Cape Town’s reputation much good either, and firmly puts Cape Town on the “to be avoided in winter” ┬álist in most ill-informed people’s minds.

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