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Visiting Home

_DSF7569There is no place like home, something that we rediscovered recently when going back to Cape Town for a visit after living in the Middle East for the past year and a half.

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Simon & Jeanneke’s Wedding

_DSC0088What better way is there to end a year and start a new one than with a wedding? And if the wedding is in beautiful Stellenbosch, the heart of the Cape winelands, then it promises to be some really special! 

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A Hectic September

We have all experienced the situation where very little is happening, and then suddenly – everything seems to happen at once.  September, and the start of Spring, was just such a month…

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The boy in a suitcase

_DSC5695Most have heard the expression “If I could fit you in my suitcase I would take you along”, which is often expressed by someone going away and leaving a loved one behind.

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A wedding with a vintage twist

_DSC4456-2We recently assisted Anel, a good friend and fellow photographer, with shooting a wedding here in the beautiful Cape. At the pre-wedding consultation with the couple they indicated that they would like a vintage twist to their photographs. We were happy to oblige and soon afterwards got down to planning on how to do it.

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Another photo-shoot with Kevin

_DSC5377From time to time we like to get together with Kevin, our good friend and fellow photographer, and enjoy a solid photo shoot in his studio. Until Kevin’s health put a stop to it, it was quite common for us to start a serious shoot early evening that went on till almost daybreak next morning!

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Motherhood and pregnancy

_DSC4110-01Most will agree that parenthood, and motherhood in particular, is not easy. Apart from the tremendous responsibilities that it brings about it also takes it toll on a more personal level from both father and mother – parenthood is truly a life-changing event.

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A very special wedding


Shooting a wedding is something that we enjoy doing – the planning, the involvement with the couple, and the excitement of it all makes this quite different from other types of photography. However, once in a while an assignment comes along that really stands out from the rest, and our most recent wedding was just such an event.

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New studio kick-off !


Finally!  Our renovated studio is back in action after being out of commission for many weeks. We had a real blast on kick-off day…

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Shooting Adél

When our good friend and photographic mentor Kevin invited us to do a studio shoot with him we accepted immediately….

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