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Another tippy toe edition

Graceful, from the feet up...

Graceful, from the feet up…

What to do when you feel the absence of excitement when capturing images? Join hubby at ballet practice!

The pink shoes, the long, well-shaped legs, the graceful flow of movement, the facial expressions not showing the strain these bodies endure… Just perfect for jolting one back into expressing passion! And it is also the perfect opportunity to shoot from my favourite perspective…

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Pigtorial quest for Gayous Pretorius

With much enthusiasm and anticipation we dragged our battle-tired bones and Cape-tinged palates on a weekend away with Niggie and Ian bright and early on Saturday morning. And with Apple leaving for a few weeks abroad to visit the Irish contingent of the Apple&Eve clan to welcome the latest baby-apple (welcome Alexander Jacques!) to our world, it was with ambivalent joy versus sorrow that I embarked on the weekend away. The final kick-back weekend destination… The small village of Greyton! First stop… Hemel & Aarde Valley just above Hermanus. And not did I ever anticipate the shock that awaited us. Or at least one of us! So seeing this cute shot of mine of a blooming, mud-endowed snotbox, you probably think piggy got the brunt of this all, right? Nope, the pig was not the deserving recipient of this unexpected shock at all. I am sure she had similar ones of her own before. But let me start from the beginning…

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Moonlight Strelitzia


Moonlight strelitzia 1


Many moons ago I was playing around with photographing a strelitzia, backlit by the moon. Looking at the reults, I knew that this exercise was to be repeated more seriously. The super-moon last night was perfect for it. 

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Out and about… Without a model


What happens if you put four photographers in a car, and let them follow their nose? We make it up as we go! 

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Eve gets to tell about 2011 States / Europe trip

Apple has had some time to add a blog entry of his Chicago architecture shots. As per usual, I have been busy with lots of things, including a couple of Apple&Eve assignments. So, my turn to add my say and some shots of our latest States and Europe trip…

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