A little about much

For most of us when thinking about a dessert the natural inclination is to think that it is a whole lot of nothing. However that is far from the truth. 

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes but they have several things in common: Lack of regular rainfall, the appearance of being empty, and a surprising number of interesting things on offer. Certainly, there are areas that are very remote and lifeless, but more often than not you will be surprised by the natural beauty, animal and plant life that you will encounter. In fact, it even offers opportunities for recreation!


Dunes with some plantlife have a beauty of its own. Here you can even see the moon shining brightly.


Desserts are often associated with camels, and here they are!


A friendly dessert dweller.


Of course not every day is a beautiful day 🙂


Yes, you will come across signs of previous life too.


When going into a dessert you need to be well prepared and do not go alone. Make sure you have plenty of water and people well-versed in the dessert with you. You most definitely need reliable transport too!


Driving in the dessert can be interesting.


Driving can be daunting – best left to somebody that has been trained and with experience.


There is plenty of opportunity for fun!


With some good planning you may even find yourself decent and comfortable overnight accommodations!


So if you ever get the opportunity to visit a dessert, don’t write it off as a bad idea.

You might be pleasantly surprised.


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