Touring the Western Cape: Part 6 – The southern tip of Africa

Many years ago the Cape Peninsula was deemed to be the southern-most tip of Africa, but that soon proved to be wrong! 

The southern tip is actually located south-east from Cape Town at Cape Agulhas. Visiting this region is worth your while and offers many interesting experiences, not to mention breathtaking scenery.




You will need more than just one day in this area to appreciate everything on offer, so make sure you have accommodation for two or more days.


Inside one of many comfortable chalets available to visitors in the region. (Photo : Jacques)


Apart from being the southern-most tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas is also the place where two of the great oceans of the world meet, the Indian ocean and the Atlantic ocean. The exact point where this occurs has been beautifully decorated with a huge relief map of Africa.


Relief map of Africa. (Photo : Dick)


Plaque indicating that you are standing at the southern tip of Africa. (Photo : Dick)


Other than the plaque and relief map the ocean (or two oceans!) offers a beautiful view as well as a lighthouse and shipwreck that makes having a camera with you a must!


Lighthouse at Cape Agulhas at blue hour. (Photo : Jacques)


Shipwreck at dawn. (Photo : Jacques)


Fishing vessel at the Struisbaai harbour, adjacent to Cape Agulhas. (Photo : Dick)


Cape Agulhas at Golden Hour. (Photo : Jacques)


Not far away from Cape Agulhas is the quaint town of Arniston. Right on the ocean, it offers a unique cave called Waenhuiskrans which is only accessible from the sea, which means that you can enter by foot only when it is low tide. Unfortunately that was not the case during our visit.


The Waenhuiskrans cave is situated below this cliff. (Photo : Jacques)


Arniston. (Photo : Jacques)


Towards the one side of Arniston is Kassiesbaai, an old fishermans village which is a National Heritage site. Many colourful and traditional fisherman huts can be found here, many still in use today. The area even has  a small restaurant in true fisherman style that offers decadent traditional Cape Malay food – highly recommended!


One of the original and colourful fisherman huts at Kassiesbaai. (Photo : Jaunine)


Handmade menu of the fishermans restaurant. (Photo : Dick)


Outside the restaurant. (Photo : Jacques)


Flowers in Kassiesbaai. (Photo : Dick)


Decorated house at Kassiesbaai. (Photo : Dick)


At the end of a busy sightseeing day – refreshments on the beach near Struisbaai! (Photo : Jacques)


Touring the southernmost tip of Africa is not just about seeing the magnificent views of the coastal areas, there is a lot more on offer inland in an area called the Overberg – more on that next time! 


Stay tuned  🙂

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