Touring the Western Cape: Part 4 – Colourful Beach Huts

Capetonians are familiar with this – the colourful beach huts.

Driving in a southerly direction from Cape Town brings you to the False Bay and the many small towns on the coastline. Mention two of them, St.James and Muizenberg, and images of colourful beach huts jump to mind.


These huts were built on the beaches at swimming areas and are intended for use by day visitors to the beach. They are easy to spot due to their bright colours and have reached iconic status over the years.





(Photo : Dick)


(Photo : Jaunine)


Zoom burst emphasises the view. (Photo : Dick)


(Photo : Dick)


(Photo : Jaunine)


(Photo : Jacques)


(Photo : Dick)


When you are in Cape Town it is worth making a day to drive out to see these huts, at the same time enjoying the sunshine, many beautiful sights, and locally available seafood. Best of all – you can do this while taking one of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world.


Stay tuned for some iconic drives!


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