A piece of paradise

Once in a while you come across a place that can only be described as ‘paradise’. We recently had the opportunity to experience just such a place. Called Fornalutx, it’s a tiny village located in amongst the mountains on the north western part of the island of Mallorca, Spain. To make it even better, we had a whole week of staying there in a lovely villa called SA Cova.

The house is located a short walking distance from the centre of the little village, which is surrounded by lovely mountains. The peace and quiet of the area is palpable with only the kling-kling sound of bells hanging round the necks of goats and sheep that freely roam the surrounding mountains. Who would’ve thought that the distant sound of bells can be so soothing – we were amazed!


Jaunine went to a lot of trouble to eventually get this shot of the villa from across a stream, having to navigate through some very dense bush and probably trespassing on several properties in doing so!


A short downhill walk from the villa will bring you to several excellent restaurants, and a bit further down the centre of the village itself.


The mediterranean lifestyle of sipping some fine wine while watching the warm glow of the setting sun over the mountains was easily adopted by us, and we really enjoyed doing just that – every day!


The view over part of the village from one of the nearby restaurants.


It helped to have a pool available when the day gets a bit warm.



Following the road from the house in the direction opposite to the village will take you higher up and affords a good view of the village below. Jaunine did a quick walk one morning to get this shot.


I finally spotted one of the bell wearers on the mountain side, and managed to get a quick photograph before it disappeared in the bush.


The village early in the morning. We took turns to go fetch freshly baked croissants for breakfast.


There’s nothing like having fresh fruit for a light lunch.


Other than enjoying the peace and quiet of Fornalutx we also enjoyed visiting some nearby towns and villages. With Mallorca being a relatively small island  it is a quick and beautiful drive to other villages and towns.


Visiting the nearby town of Sóller on market day is quite a treat.


Cured ham (Jamón Ibérico) and other meat was something that I particularly looked forward to tasting, and I wasn’t disappointed – it’s brilliant.


Spanish olives. You name it, they have it!


The tram that runs between Sóller and Port de Sóller.


Here you can collect a free kiss – hopefully not from the donkey! 🙂


Port de Sóller – one of the first things you see when entering the port is this piece of beach, and Jaunine wasted no time in capturing it.


Port de Sóller.


Another view of the port captured by Jaunine.


View of the mediterranean from Port de Sóller.


A little distance down the coast from Port de Sóller is Port de Valldemossa. You need to navigate down a high mountain on very narrow road to get there.


The beautiful cathedral in Palma, capitol of Mallorca.


Scrumptious food and champagne is part of a good holiday on a mediterranean island!


The evenings were warm and windless, perfect for spending time outside, or even in the pool.


No holiday is complete without a proper feast.


Predictably our week on Mallorca flew past much too quickly, but the memories will last a lifetime.

If you ever have the opportunity of visiting this beautiful part of the world, grab it!




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