The Last Exit

As our stay in the UAE drew to an end we decided to make the most of it and do some last-minute fun things. It wasn’t easy,monster fairings, we had lots of things to attend to before heading back to home, but we gave it our best shot!…




We drew up a list of things we’d like to do or see, and added that to our already hefty exit project plan.yamaha r6 fairings

Below are some images of what we managed to do or see during our last month.




A quick visit to the northern part of Oman. (Nikon D750)


A day at the beach in Dubai. (Fuji X-T2)


Art class on the beach in Dubai (Fuji X-T2)


Visiting Dubai at night – here is the magnificent Dubai Opera House. (Fuji X-T2)


Visit the desert city of Al Ain, and relaxing in cool water. (Nikon D750)


Showing Francois around in Al Ain. This is Francois and Jaunine at the well-known Al Ain Oasis. (Fuji X-T2)


A last visit to one of our favourite watering holes, the Irish Village in Dubai. (Nikon D750)


The fabulous new Abu Dhabi Louvre. (Fuji X-T2)


Inside the Louvre. (Fuji X-T2)


Some of the exhibits in the Louvre. (Fuji X-T2)


Jaunine admiring a Da Vinci masterpiece. (Fuji X-T2)


Under the interesting roof of the Louvre. (Fuji X-T2)


Taking a ride on the fastest roller coaster in the world, the 240 km/h Ferrari formula 1 roller coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. (Fuji X-T2)


We attended the 2017 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix. (Fuji X-T2)


Jaunine looking sad to see het beloved Jeep (nick-named Chocolate) go, while Derik looks quite happy to take over ownership! (Nikon D750)


Last but not least, and somewhat ironic, we visited The Last Exit. This is a themed roadside drive-thru fast food establishment next to the E11, the main road between Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

It is strewn with old classic cars and Airstream mobile homes that have been converted to fast food outlets.


Old Pontiac. (Fuji X-T2)


A Bakery truck. (Fuji X-T2)


Pop! (Fuji X-T2)


Jaunine was happy to find a working pinball machine at the Last Exit. (Fuji X-T2)


The Last Exit. (Fuji X-T2)


We had a very interesting time living in the UAE, but in the end it was also great to be returning to our beloved Cape Town – the Fairest Cape in the world!


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