Oktoberfest 2017 in München

Yes, this is the big one – the real Oktoberfest !

6.2 million visitors and 7.5 million litres of beer later, Oktoberfest 2017 has been declared a roaring success by the organisers.

We agree with that assessment 🙂  

We were only too happy to attend the 184th Munich Oktoberfest this year and had tremendous fun in doing so. The weather on the day was overcast and somewhat grey, but that did not deter us or any of the other attendees.

Oktoberfest is a huge event, not just for Munich but for Germany as a whole. This can be witnessed by the number of people dressed in traditional bavarian outfits throughout the country during the roughly 2 weeks.

The festival borders on well controlled chaos –  consider some of the statistics:

An estimated 6.2 million visitors from 65 countries.

7.5 million litres of beer consumed.

759 filming permits were granted to various TV and online media and 56 press releases were published.

Lost and found:

The Oktoberfest lost and found office reported 4055 found items, among them 1300 passports, 620 pieces of clothing, 600 wallets, 520 smartphones and cellphones, 360 keys, 325 pairs of glasses, 120 umbrellas, 100 bags and rucksacks, 95 pieces of jewellery and 15 cameras. Also found: A set of dentures, a pair of crutches, a numbers plate (From the area of Limburg-Weilburg), a drinking horn, a pair of leather pants and a luxury lady’s watch. 🙂


Below are some images we managed to capture during our visit – enjoy!

A small glimpse of visitors coming and going to the festival at the nearby metro station. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


The main entrance of one of the many huge beer halls. (Fuji X-T2)


Time to grab a selfie 🙂 (Fuji X-T2)


A cheerful Bavarian. (Fuji X-T2)


Most of the breweries have a beercart and horses on display, and from time to time they will parade through the streets of the festival area. (Jaunine – Nikon D750)


Jaunine taking a closer look at the horses. (Fuji X-T2)


Oktoberfest is not just about beer, there is plenty else to experience – food stalls, memorabilia shops, and thrill rides for young and old alike.

Jaunine having fun on one of the many rides. (Nikon D750)


The flying swings go up pretty high and offers a good view of the festival below. (Fuji X-T2)


Part of Oktoberfest as seen from above, and this was before it got really busy! (Fuji X-T2)


Needless to say most of the action is to be found inside the beer halls. Each hall (roughly the size of a football field) is sponsored by a different brewery. Inside it is lined with wooden tables and benches, and somewhere towards the middle there is a high band stand where traditional oompah bands perform during the day. Food and beer can be bought here, and needless to say that the atmosphere is extremely jolly and noisy.


It gets a bit crowded! (Fuji X-T2)


Lots of cheer and happiness. (Fuji X-T2)


A friend is spotted and welcomed. (Fuji X-T2)


We met these friendly Aussies that have just arrived from Oz that morning. (Fuji X-T2)


The inevitable selfie. (Fuji X-T2)


A quick cellphone check before a beer order is being taken. (Fuji X-T2)


There’s always time for a quick snapshot before fetching more beer! (Fuji X-T2)


Cheers! (Fuji X-T2)


Traditional German food. (Fuji X-T2)


More food. (Fuji X-T2)


Some cheerful Americans we met. (Fuji X-T2)


Sometimes one needs to shout to be heard, it’s noisy in here! (Fuji X-T2)


More happiness! (Fuji X-T2)


Tools of the trade. (Fuji X-T2)


A very popular ‘sport’ in the beer halls is one where a person is dared to finish a tankard of beer in one fell swoop. The idea is for this person to get onto a table, and then to gulp down a beer while the crowd is cheering, whistling, shouting, and kicking up a racket. If successful, the din of the congratulatory noise becomes deafening!

This lady was ‘elected’ to down her beer in one huge gulp, and she gave it her best effort 🙂 (Fuji X-T2)


Success! – and the crowd enthusiastically expresses it’s admiration 🙂 (Fuji X-T2)


We really enjoyed our visit to Oktoberfest and it turned out to be a great way of ending our fabulous tour.

Will we go again if the opportunity arise? – Oh yes!

Should you go?  – Most definitely, it is one of those events that should be on everyones bucket list, even if you’re not really fond of beer!

Until next time, take care and thanks for looking!


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