See the world in black and white

There is something to be said about black and white images.  I was reminded of this when looking through some of my images recently, and was once again surprised to see how some images appear to come to life when viewed in black and white, or monochrome.

Very often the colour in an image is more a distraction and can actually spoil an image. Even now in modern times it is surprising to see how many images are B&W when you look at the content of many photo sharing sites. In fact, there are even modern cameras being manufactured today that only produces monochrome images and where colour output is not even an option – the super expensive Leica M Monochrom jumps to mind.


Below are some of my favourite B&W images.

My all time favourite is this image of Jaunine, shot as a test image while I was setting up studio lights for a photo shoot.


The next image is of a very good friend of ours posing as an orchestra conductor  when I needed an image that was music related. We had a lot of fun during this shoot, we had some classical music playing very loudly in the background to inspire our ‘conductor’ (who like me, does not know the first thing about music) to perform at his best – and he did not disappoint! 🙂

The Mastro at work.

Staying music related for a bit, the following two images were shot on different occasions while I was shooting ballet performances. Neither of them are of good technical quality, but they are successful in that they manage to convey the mood of the moment very well. In fact, if I had to shoot these images again I will most probably shoot them exactly the same.

From the ballet “Tin Soldier”

From the ballet “Thumbelina”


The next image is of our good friend Kevin – our photography mentor and a brilliant artistic photographer.



Sometimes you get lucky with a shot. The next image is one of those – a spur of the moment shot of a model against a plain white wall while we were setting up studio lights.

I like the shadow play against the wall.


I really like the interplay between the two heads in this image :


I’m not really a street photographer, but from time to time I enjoy shooting on the street:

A man in Dublin

Pedestrian underpass in Abu Dhabi.


All comments welcome as usual !


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