The Tin Soldier – a world premiére

Tin Soldier-1I once again had the privilege of shooting images of the wonderful dancers of CTCB – Cape Town City Ballet. The occasion this time was the world premiére of The Tin Soldier. 

The ballet is based on the fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen, and tells the story of a tin soldier fighting for the love of a pretty girl, a paper ballerina. The ballet is choreographed by Robin van Wyk, Artistic Director of CTCB and is accompanied by beautiful music of Alexander Glazunov performed by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra under baton of Alan Stephenson at selected performances.

The ballet is an explosion of colour, music, and beautiful dance – a real sensory treat in the very best fairytale tradition. The season starts today and is performed in the Artscape Opera House in Cape Town.

Below are some of the images I shot of this magnificent production. They are in no particular sequence.

The Tin Soldier  (Thomas Thorne)

The Tin Soldier with his broken leg (Thomas Thorne)

The tin soldier being discovered in a shop.

The tin soldier being discovered in a shop.

Tin Soldier-6

Tin Soldier-18

Tin Soldier-23

Tin Soldier-8

Tin Soldier-12

Tin Soldier-10

Tin Soldier-16

Tin Soldier-11

Tin Soldier-21

Tin Soldier-25

Tin Soldier-14

Tin Soldier-22

Tin Soldier-13

Tin Soldier-20

Tin Soldier-24

Paper ballerina (Laura Bosenberg) and the Tin Soldier (Thomas Thorne)

Tin Soldier-15

Tin Soldier-7

Tin Soldier-19

Tin Soldier-26

Some members of the cast.

Some members of the cast.

Tin Soldier-2Tin Soldier-5Tin Soldier-3


I really enjoyed photographing these images and I know that whoever sees The Tin Soldier will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed capturing them. Thanks to CTCB for once again producing an excellent ballet !

So, if you are in the vicinity and have the time, do yourself the favour of booking your ticket for this ballet – it’s worth it !

Feel free to post any comments below !


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