Apple and Eve at the ballet: Part 2 – The Sleeping Beauty


_DSC0139Sleeping Beauty is a true classical ballet performed to the magnificent music of Tchaikovsky and tells the story of Princess Aurora, first child of King Florestan the XXIVth and his Queen.

The images here were shot of the ballet performed by CTCB (Cape Town City Ballet) and guest artists at the Artscape opera house in Cape Town. See also previous blog posts  on the lead-up to this ballet – my behind the scenes look, and also Jaunine’s different perspective.

The christening of the princess is celebrated by several fairies, the most notable and powerful being the Lilac Fairie. However the festivities are interrupted by the unexpected arrival of the evil fairy Carabosse and her minions, furious for not having been invited to the christening.

The evil and furious Carabosse (Johnny Bovang).

“I demand an explanation!”, screams Carabosse (Johnny Bovang).

Carabosse places a curse of the baby princess – she will die on her sixteenth birthday after she pricks her finger with a spindle !

Carabosse places a curse on the young princess.

Unmoved by the Queens’ pleas, Carabosse curses the innocent baby princess.

Fortunately the Lilac Fairy intervenes. She alters the curse to instead cause a 100-year sleep rather than death for the princess.

The Lilac Fairy intervenes and alters Carabosse's curse.

The Lilac Fairy to the rescue.

Sixteen years later the beautiful princess Aurora celebrates her birthday. She is courted by several suitors introduced to her by her doting parents.

The sixteen year old princess being courted.

How lovely and carefree on her sixteenth birthday !

One of the suitors courting the princess.

One of the suitors courting the princess.

A stranger gives her a spindle but she pricks her finger… bringing Carabosse’s curse to pass !

Princess Aurora's finger gets pricked by a spindle.

All present express concern.


The Queen examines Aurora’s hand

Aurora collapses.

Aurora collapses.

The stranger who gave Aurora the spindle turns out to be the evil Carabosse, who openly gloats over her perceived victory.

The gloating Carabosse.

The gloating Carabosse.

The Lilac Fairy intervenes.

The Lilac Fairy intervenes.

As promised sixteen years ago, The Lilac fairy comes to the rescue and casts a deep sleep over all present.

Everyone present put to sleep by the Lilac fairy.

The Lilac Fairy casts her spell.

A hundred years later Prince Florimund, whilst on a hunting party with friends, is met by the Lilac Fairy. She convinces him to awake Aurora with a kiss.

The prince arrives in the forest.

The prince arrives in the forest.

Aurora is saved by a kiss from prince Désiré.

… and Aurora is saved by a kiss from the prince.

They fell in love.

They fall in love.

Back at the castle everybody awakens and the King and Queen are elated. The prince proposes marriage. The ceremony is attended by many a dignitary.

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf attended.

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf attended.

Puss in Boots and the white Cat attended.

… and so did Puss in Boots and the white Cat.

It was a festive and happy wedding.

It was a festive and happy wedding.

The prince and princess lived happily ever after !

The love-sick prince :-)

The love-sick prince 🙂





Prince and Princess.

Prince and Princess.



Cheers all round for the Cape Town City Ballet for staging such a magnificent ballet !


For more information on Cape Town City Ballet, please visit their website here.

It was pure joy being able to photograph these wonderful artists while they were preparing for this production. My deepest appreciation goes the artists and management of CTCB for indulging me in my quest for capturing their beauty and grace. Next time I might just take you up on your invitation to rehearse with you!  🙂

As always, feel free to post your comments below !

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