Another photo-shoot with Kevin

_DSC5377From time to time we like to get together with Kevin, our good friend and fellow photographer, and enjoy a solid photo shoot in his studio. Until Kevin’s health put a stop to it, it was quite common for us to start a serious shoot early evening that went on till almost daybreak next morning!

Sadly though, those days are over but it does not stop us from having the occasional shoot with this remarkable photographer. It was indeed one of those occasions on a recent sunny Tuesday morning when I made my way over to Kevin to lend him a hand with a studio shoot. It did not take very long to get the studio lights set up to Kevin’s liking, ¬†and then Kevin, myself, and a third photographer got going with enthusiasm.

Our model on this occasion was Bianca, and she made the shoot real easy for us. It is always a pleasure working with a model that is not only well prepared and on time, but has a positive and enthusiastic attitude – and good-looking too!



Needless to say the time passed very quickly. Kevin took some stunning shots and although his health is hampering him in many ways the man has certainly not lost his artistic eye! I grabbed some shots as well, and here are some of them:

An image shot at the start of the shoot.

An image shot at the start of the shoot.

Isn't this a face that just begs to be photographed?

Isn’t this a face that just begs to be photographed?

We did some high-key shots too.

We did some high-key shots too, one of Kevin’s favourite techniques to make the model almost disappear into the background.

Adding a bit of colour.

Adding a bit of colour.

Messing up Bianca's hair seemed to make the images stand out.

Messing up Bianca’s hair added an interesting twist.

And here's that face again!

And here’s that face again!


Shot from a different angle.

This is probably my favourite image of the session.

One of my favourite images of the session.

All the images above were shot with the fabulous Nikon D800 coupled to the very capable Nikkor 24-120mm AF-S VR f/4.0 lens.

As always – feel free to post any comments below.


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