Lazy Days

Every year from about middle December to the second week of January South Africa comes to a stand-still – well almost. That is the the time that most people are taking their annual holiday and productivity hits rock-bottom. The past December was no different either…Being a southern hemisphere country and therefore summertime, coupled to the fact that it is also Xmas and year-end time, spells only one thing – holiday! Productivity may hit a low mark but that does not mean everything comes to a halt, the place is a beehive of frenzy activity, last minute shopping, travelling to holiday destinations, and festivities of all kinds. This year Jaunine and I did very little travelling since she only had about 10 days of leave, but we did get around a little even though we tried to maintain a low profile. Since Jaunine likes to celebrate her birthday (also in December) properly, I surprised her by booking us an overnight stay at a wildlife game reserve about two hours drive from Cape Town. That took us away from most of the normal year-end frenzy to some very relaxing peace and tranquility. Below are some of the things that we saw.

King of them all – Lion !


Rhinos relaxing in the late afternoon sun.

Eliphants messing around with sand.



A very lazy and relaxed leopard.

My favourite wild animal, the Cheetah, photgraphed here at leisure by Jaunine

One of the most relaxing times out in the wild is at sunset when it starts to cool down, especially with a glass of cold bubbly!

The Birthday Girl herself doing what she loves most on her birthday – sipping excellent bubbly 🙂

Relaxing out in the wild was however not the only thing we experienced.

Living in the Fairest Cape no holiday will be complete without a visit to one of the excellent beaches around – it really is beautiful!

Seapoint at Blue Hour on a perfect evening.

Like all good things a holiday also comes to an end much too soon. A new year has already started and we are looking forward to what it may bring.

Have a great 2013 !


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