The Baptism of Captain Friendly

His real name is Alex (Alexander Jacques Conradie to be exact) and he is the newest addition to the Conradie family of Cork, Ireland.

Meeting him is the best way to find out why I started calling my youngest grandson Captain Friendly – he is the friendliest chap in the whole of Ireland and real easy to make friends with, as I found out recently when whizzing over to Ireland to attend his baptism…

The ceremony was held in a quaint little church in Crookhaven, a beautiful little village on the coast of West Cork county, roughly 120 Km from Cork City. A good number of family and friends turned up for the event and it was clear right from the start that this was going to be a celebration of note in true Irish tradition πŸ™‚

The tiny church in Crookhaven where the ceremony took place.

Anabelle, Francois, Jenny, Alex, and the reverend were welcoming guests at the entrance to the church.

The atmosphere inside the church was very relaxed and informal and it soon became a beehive of friendly activity and chatter as friends and family gathered inside for the ceremony.

There was lots of enthusiastic chatter beforehand.

Dressed for the occasion !

Anabelle next to Granny Norma.











Anabelle, Alexander’s sister, was by far the best dressed – just look at her shoes!

Once everybody was present the ceremony got underway and went smooth and quick, helped along by little Alex loudly urging the reverend to get on with it. After the formalities were dealt with the church was once again filled by friendly chatter, nobody seemed to be in any hurry whatsoever πŸ™‚

Congratulations all round.

The Conradie family with Michelle, Alex’s godmother.

Much chatting afterwards.

Not even the kids were in any hurry !

More congratulations ….

Much enthusiasm !

Some more photo’s were taken …

Eventually everybody made their way from the church to the house for some food and refreshments – and loads more chatting and celebrating!

The food was delicious! Notice too the cake made for Alex.

Getting ready to dish.

There was even some biltong, a very popular South African delicacy made by Francois himself in Ireland.

Captain Friendly taking a nap under the table while the rest started extending the celebrations into a true Irish party πŸ™‚

You will be forgiven if you thought that the celebrations ended as the sun started dipping behind the horizon, but that didn’t happen – not even close! Earlier in the day Francois eye-balled the situation and predicted the party will continue to about 5am the next morning – he was not far off !

Once it got dark outside the party really got under way !

The party die-hards !

While the party die-hards were frolicking the night away our hero of the day was sleeping very peacefully and content, oblivious to all the party noise πŸ™‚

Our hero – peacefully asleep !

It was quite a celebration done in true Irish style, and it was with a heavy but happy heart that I had to say goodbye to all a few days later to make my way home.

Many thanks to Francois, Jenny, Anabelle, Alex, and the Irish family for their hospitality and for making my stay with them so memorable. A special thanks also to Jaunine for letting me go while she kept the home fires burning :+:


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