Fynbos in the mist

Even on a cold and misty day Cape Town still remains a beautiful place to be. The past Sunday was just such a day when we decided to go for a drive …

Our house is in shambles at the moment with our studio being renovated, and it was time to get away from it for a while even though the weather was not at it’s best. Table Mountain was covered in a blanket of cold and gloomy fog but we decided to take a closer look regardless – Jaunine sometimes just has a natural instinct for where to go.

Driving past the lower cable car station towards Devils Peak was easy, there was almost no traffic since the usual magnificent view over the city was obscured by thick fog. Not really expecting to see anything worthwhile we were still struck by the beauty of the fynbos, it somehow looked very striking against the dull background of fog.

Cape Town still remains a magic place to be !

Jaunine was the first to spot the proteas.



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