Weekend Breakaway

dsc9225Every now and then we like to visit one of our favourite spots in ¬†South Africa – Wilderness. Located on the south-east coast, it ranks as one of the most relaxing places to be at as far as we are concerned … ¬† The past weekend was extended by two days, and we headed out to our favourite hangout in Wilderness which is located on a hilltop that overlooks the beautiful little village below.

The weather played along and we once again had a magnificent time at this idyllic spot.


The view from our cabin at early evening. The village in the foreground with the ocean across the N2 in the background.



This Knysna Loerie visited us every day – getting as close as about 2 meters to grab some bits of fruit that Jaunine put out for them.


Jaunine relaxing with a book in the lazy early-winter sun.


A fisherman enjoying some peace and quiet on the beach well after sunset.

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