Moonlight Strelitzia


Moonlight strelitzia 1


Many moons ago I was playing around with photographing a strelitzia, backlit by the moon. Looking at the reults, I knew that this exercise was to be repeated more seriously. The super-moon last night was perfect for it. 

Needless to say, the tripod was necessary. Yes, some of us are steady-handed, but at a four second exposure, the sharpness of the picture would be compromised without the tripod. But enough of the technical aspects, and back to the artistic side… Utilizing my favourite: Blue hour light!

Moonlight strelitzia 2 – At blue hour

Yes, this item on the to-do list can now be ticked off. The magic of enhancing two already beautiful subjects (the moon and the strelitzia) by combining them. It is that simple.

Moonlight strelitzia 3

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