A Delightful Party mess

I think it’s fair to say that kids like to make a mess, in fact they revel in such activities. The parents are usually less enthusiastic and impressed by this and normally tries to put a stop to it. However when it comes to birthday parties the rules might change… 

There is a certain pleasure in watching a kid (someone else’s!) really dig into a piece of cake with no holds barred, and with no concern. After all, if a one-year old baby chooses to dig both hands into her birthday cake then so be it – it’s her party and she can make a mess if she wants!


This is a good time for Mom to gracefully accept defeat, step aside, and let Little One enjoy the party.

It’s MY party and I can mess if I want!

The birthday cake – before Baby got to it !

Fortunately for Mom not everything turns into a mess !

Before the start of the party – clearly so !

Eventually Baby either finishes the cake, smears it on the camera lens, or just drops it to the floor 🙂

The party ends with a contented baby, overstuffed guests, the photographer with cake on his lens, and a tired Mom !

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