The Challenge of Studio Portraiture

img_6252One can be forgiven for thinking that the most challenging aspect of studio photography, and portraiture in particular, is the lighting and technical setup being employed. However that is not the case at all. There is a subtle but far more difficult side to it…¬†


Once people are relaxed studio photography becomes a fun event!

True enough, lighting in the studio is extremely important and a challenge all by itself. This applies to any type of photography carried out in a studio, but portraiture introduces a new dimension of difficulty – the human element.


A relaxed couple having fun.


Children adapt quickly to a studio.

It is one thing to shoot a simple picture of a person for record purposes, such as for a passport photo, but an entirely different kettle of fish if the object of the exercise is to portray a person in a more natural or emotional way.











At Apple and Eve we are acutely aware of this and know from experience that to get good photographs of people (not just in a studio) you need to capture the emotion, natural demeanor, beauty, and the very essence of a person to make a good photograph. Since a studio environment is already an unnatural and foreign environment for most people they tend to be more nervous and unsure than normal – a quite natural reaction.

This is where it becomes extremely important for the photographer to put them at ease and get them into a very relaxed frame of mind – this is the real challenge of studio portraiture!


Families normally have great fun and find a studio shoot quite enjoyable

Enter Jaunine – the Eve of Apple and Eve.

Not only is she a fine photographer and a very good photographic model, she also has the knack of putting people at ease, getting them relaxed, and have them in the right frame of mind for some delightful and fun photography. This might happen quickly or take a bit of time, but she always succeeds. This is why we NEVER rush a studio shoot, we do not impose artificial time limits – our time becomes your time. If it takes an hour to get good shots then it’s fine, if it takes many hours it is also fine – we want good shots, which is what you’re paying for in the first place!


Even a serious shoot can be lots of fun.


A pensive and somewhat amused moment 


Jaunine captured the mood well here











Children usually are quick to relax and have fun


Glamour type shots requires the model to be self-confident and to feel safe.


Jaunine is not only a competent photographer, she is also an excellent model!

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