Everybody loves a Wedding !





I think it is fair to say that weddings rank as one of the most joyous occasions that anybody can attend, and is usually accompanied by much excitement and anticipation. There is of course good reason for this …   

A wedding is an event much like the birth of a child in the sense that it is the beginning of something that was not there before, a new chapter in the lives of people, and certainly one of the great moments in life.



Exchanging vows – it can be a tense moment.

As photographers we have the privilege of being involved in weddings more often than most other people and therefore get to experience the planning, the excitement, the suspense, and the joy of it all to quite a degree. Now if you haven’t been closely involved in a wedding then you have absolutely no idea of the amount of time, energy, and planning that goes into such an event. This blog entry is certainly not an attempt to list all that happens, or need to happen, before and on the wedding day – it is merely an observation of only some of the little details that most guests at a wedding do not always appreciate fully.

Instead of describing some of these items I will rather present some photographs to illustrate the point.

The initial planning – date, venue, catering. This can take many hours !


The wedding dress and very importantly, the accessories that goes with it, needs to be decided on.


Every bit of detail is carefully planned – nothing is left to chance.












The weakness of most brides – Shoes !


The groom is not forgotten either !





The groom has his part to play too, he needs to dress in a way that matches the bride. This usually goes much quicker (and less expensive) since his options are normally dictated by what the bride has chosen !







Invitations need to go out. Sometimes this is done with incredible attention to detail, and very often produced by the wedding couple themselves.



Pinning the rings to a pretty cushion not only looks good, it is also a good way of ensuring that the rings are there when needed!



Meticulous attention is given to catering.


Table seating and adorments are well planned.











One advantage to the wedding couple is the fact that when we agree to shoot a wedding, we get quite involved and are thus able to give advice on the little things that might escape their attention. After-all, most people get married only once in a lifetime and it is all to easy to miss some small detail – we have seen this time and again and are able to point this out at the planning phase.


Even small detailed trimmings at the venue need to be planned.


Some unique use of flowers can add a sense of style to a wedding.

We’re very passionate about our photography, and a well-planned, smooth-running wedding is a great help at getting good shots – it is as important to us as to the bride and groom!

This is what it is all about !

 We simply love a good and well-planned wedding!


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