Watching wildlife is boring


Wildlife boring ? I hear you ask.

Well as a kid that’s exactly what I believed – until I learned the truth …

I used to hate accompanying my parents on the occasional game-drive at the fabulous Kruger National Game Reserve, firmly believing that tinkering with model aeroplanes or being with  friends to be far more rewarding. I simply got bored by being in a car, driving long distances in the game park on the lookout for wild animals Рfor hours ! This believe stuck with me well into adulthood until my wife unexpectedly proved me wrong.

A couple of years ago she insisted that we should go spend some time at the game reserve and I reluctantly agreed on the condition that I take along whatever I felt was required to keep myself occupied and not dying from boredom – one of the items being a camera and some lenses.

To my utter astonishment this turned out to be one of my best holidays ever ! Why? The fact that the whole trip was structured differently in that we did not drive endlessly for hours at a time, and that we alternated between game watching and other activities made it far more relaxing. We spent the evenings by sitting outside next to a campfire, sipping exquisite wines and listening to all the night sounds. Every morning we got up real early and went game watching, returning to camp once it starts heating up and the animals disappear into the shade provided by lush-green vegetation. The game watching was repeated in the late afternoon, only returning to camp just before the gates closed for the night. Having a camera in hand really added a sense of purpose and turned the trip into quite an adventure. I was searching for that elusive once-in-a-lifetime shot !

Needless to say that the success of that trip soon led to another one when we were both armed with cameras and a selection of lenses. We did not always got the shots that we would’ve liked but somehow that did not bother us at all, we had fun – and lots of it too !

I cannot wait to go back again, maybe I will get that brilliant shot then – watching wildlife is exciting !







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